I was born on 27th of January 1988 in Angers, France 


I grew up on the shore of the  Loire river and always been fascinated 

by the river itself and the nature around. I started kayaking.

After spending his time in Eastern Europe as a volunteer and went to do some work in Germany. Then I worked in the sale of wine and spirits in France.

However actions and explorations keep making me busy.

June to August 2011, with a friend, we hitch hike a part of the Baltic States, we go to Saint-Petersbourg and Moscow then by train to Kiev. I hitch hike back home solo from Lviv to Angers, about 3000 kilomters.

June 2012, from Moscow to Irkutsk by Transsiberian railway. I will  stay about two weeks at lake Baikal.


August 2018, I biked the entire lengh of the Loire river in 10 days to discover its source and the way that leads it to the Atlantic sea.  I wrote a little book about it  which helps a charity house for kids in Niamey, Niger.

In 2019, I decided to cross Russia by kayaking using the longuest waterway in Europe, the Volga river. There are 3 690 kilometers.

It took me 82 days of a wonderful journey to paddel from the source to the Caspian sea.

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